Our Approach

Persist, Persevere, Prevail

Often young people can internalise the difficulties they have with Maths and Science. Challenging problems that don't result in immediate success can engender a toxic mentality, undermining confidence and leading to anxiety. We teach that mistakes are just a part of the learning process and not something to be afraid of.

With persistence and the right guidance we believe any problem can be broken down. By praising students for persistence and concentration, we aim to nurture a Growth Mindset and teach a valuable life lesson in the value of perseverance. 

A Holistic Perspective

We believe that the student-tutor relationship is just as important as the curriculum taught. We aim to create a comfortable environment, enabling students to ask questions of their tutor as they might a friend. 

This allows our tutors to double as mentors, using their own experience to advise on a range of issues, from classroom troubles to time management, A Level choices and university applications. 

Our Methods

One of our partners is the Maths Resilience programme at the University of Warwick, who have helped us to create a valuable teaching curriculum for young people. By developing cognitive reasoning, our sessions encourage students to approach complex problems logically, a vital skill in Maths, Science and life beyond.

We also implement techniques outlined in DEAL (Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening) created by the Samaritans. The aim is to improve the emotional intelligence of young students, allowing them to cope with setbacks more effectively.