Our Tutors

Luke Martin

At UCL, I study a range of modules from Maths and Philosophy, to Economics and Mandarin. I have a wealth of teaching experience, having taught children and adults Maths, Spanish and Scuba Diving. 

My first week into A Level Maths I failed an exam. I was consequently told I did not have the ability and should drop the course. Incensed, I channeled my frustration into hard work and ultimately received the top grade across the college. This taught me a lesson on perseverance that I remember whenever times get tough; I want to use this experience in my sessions to help prepare students for the challenges they'll face, in Maths and beyond.

Max Broekhuis

Having done both IB and A Level Mathematics achieving maximum grades alongside over 200 hours of tutoring experience I am confident I can inspire students to unleash their full potential by aiding them in the way they approach their issues.

My interests stretch from Mathematics and Computer Science to Spanish and Chemistry. Having lived the majority of my life in different countries I am a flexible and open minded person. Resilience, discipline, and confidence have shaped me into who I am today. 

Ivan Chan

My university studies are centered around Maths and Economics. I have a diversified teaching experience, having taught kids Chemistry, Maths and violin since the age of 16.  

When I was younger, Maths was not my strong point and I attributed it to my innate weakness. It was through the combination of passion, inspiration and patience from one particular tutor of mine that I gained the confidence and ability to tackle challenging problems - both in and outside the classroom. I realised that, with the right mindset, any challenge can be overcome. This is why I believe academic tutoring should not be separated from personal development, especially with subjects that require constant problem-solving like Maths. 

Rachel Maden

Whether studying Maths, Spanish, Linguistics or Philosophy at university, I am always thankful for the necessary problem-solving skills and perseverance that I developed in maths lessons. My teachers at Maths and Further Maths A Level always taught us the concepts and reasoning behind what we were learning, which was much more effective than simply memorising formulas. Consequently, I used the same methods myself when tutoring younger students and saw similarly positive results, even amongst those who claimed to have no mathematical ability. Often a challenging problem just needs a different approach, and as a tutor I can guide students to understanding in a way that suits them.

Olivia Macmillan-Scott

After receiving high grades in Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, I have continued studying Maths alongside Economics and History at UCL. 

I have experience teaching children, including in Maths, so I have seen how easily they give up and become frustrated  even though they were more than capable! I want to help children change their perspective and view it as a challenge they can overcome with hard work and perseverance, as this can translate not only into their schoolwork but other aspects of life.

Adam Athas

A rigorous education in Maths which continues today in the form of a degree in Physics, as well as past experience in teaching Maths and Science have equipped me with the necessary tools to help drive students to maximise their potential! 

Maths can be so much more than just rote learning - when taught correctly it can expand the way you think, allowing your mind to tackle problems from different sides, whether on paper or in real life. 

Zeina Gohar

As an international UCL Mathematics, Economics and Law student, I know how competitive the education system is. I have however always been a capable Maths student and have tutored my peers through the struggles of high school and IB Mathematics. I understand how discouraging and psychologically distressing the experience can be.

I believe in the value of student-to-student support; over the years, I have seen it transform students by stimulating a novel sense of confidence, which transcends beyond the borders of a Maths classroom and eventually shapes their evolving young personalities. I aspire to use the skills I have and the incredible knowledge I have been luckily taught over the years to help prepare students not only to ace their Maths, but to build characters that are driven by hard work and perseverance.

Aaron Edwards

Ever since I took the opportunity to study Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics at A-level, maths has been and remains a dominant influence on my academic career. Even to this day, when studying Geophysics at UCL, consistently honing my numerical abilities allows me to decipher abstract problems.    

I have taught in a range of different teaching environments, from my A-level stats class in Gambia to specialised one-on-one sessions. Through my previous experiences I have realised that by utilising psychological concepts such as the ‘Growth Mindset’; you can instil crucial perseverance and confidence into any student. This trait is imperative for harvesting success, not just in Mathematics but everyday life.